SRNA First Year Recap & Community Meeting

Dear SRNA Community Member,

In its first year, SRNA has been become a vocal and recognized voice for our community and with your help we have achieved tangible results.

We have been highly engaged with developers and government entities – actively working on a multitude of issues. We represent everyone in the “Land between the lakes” including all neighborhoods between Lake Travis and Lake Austin click here to see our boundaries.

Some of our successes in the first year include:

  • Fighting for compatible growth: we have negotiated concessions from developers that will help our neighbors. We are actively fighting to limit the scale and nature of development where it risks our safety, property values, school crowding and traffic.
  • Taking on traffic – saving time and improving safety: we have already had success with improving our morning commutes via signal re-timings and we are working on solutions for the future – advocating forĀ  improvements that will help tame our traffic congestion in the long run.
  • Fair energy utility rates saving you money: we worked side by side with HURF to get them the support needed to take AE’s energy rates to the PUC – as a result you will see a drop in your rates, with less money funneled to the city, and a pull back from the five tier rate structure that penalized our community.

Plus we are engaged with a host of other issues including:

  • Local Governance: we have a committee looking ahead at our long term relationship with the City of Austin and other governmental entities in our area.
  • Services & Safety: we are engaged with the Lake Travis Fire and Rescue, the County and working with Firewise and other entities on issues such as evacuation planning, emergency response and water rights for our area.

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We need your help to look out for our community – if we don’t do it together, no one else will. HOA’s are not in a position to take a stand on many issues that are important to us – so we need your continued support to help the SRNA fill this important role.

SRNA members are the eyes and ears of our community – we need to keep each other informed of what is happening and what needs attention. As a member, you can choose to be as involved as you like by serving on a committee or joining the Board.

For the price of a latte a month – about $4 / month – you can protect and improve your family’s quality of life in the Four Points area by supporting the SRNA. Please join now or renew your membership.

Join the SRNA, stay informed and help keep us informed on the issues.

SRNA Annual Meeting:

Our annual community meeting will take place on:

April 17th at Steiner Ranch Elementary School at 7pm.

This meeting will be open to the community to help keep everyone informed of important issues and to encourage new membership in SRNA. Please mark your calendar.

At the meeting, SRNA board members and committee leaders will present status on issues and answer questions. After the meeting we will open nominations for SRNA Board positions as well as committee sign-ups for those that are passionate about an issue or are willing to lend a few hours a month to our community. Members can vote on SRNA Board positions in the following week.

If you have any topics or issues you want to see discussed at the annual meeting or an up-coming Board meeting – please send an email to

As a member you are also welcome and encouraged to also join our monthly Board meetings which are normally held on the 2nd Monday of each month at Bella Mar Community Center in Steiner at 7pm.

Important Issue Updates:

SRNA Board and committee members have been very busy and highly engaged in the past year. You can learn more at our annual meeting – where you can hear more detail and ask questions, and by visiting our website.

Thank you for your support and remember to mark your calendar for the April 17th annual meeting and to renew or start or your SRNA membership (click here).

** Please communicate your thoughts and feedback via email:


Best regards,

Brian Thompto
Chairman, Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association