Board of Directors Nomination Form

You care about your community.
Help SRNA serve our community and make it great…
Join the SRNA Board of Directors

We need individuals with a passion to help our community, work on important issues and keep our community informed.

Please submit by the end of day, Feb 28th, 2019 for 2019 nomination call.

The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association Board of Directors is comprised of residents (including renters), property owners, and/or holders of a business license located within the boundaries defined in Article III of the By-Laws

  • Board members are expected to attend monthly Board meetings.
  • All Board members and candidates are required to complete and sign the “Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form” and may undergo a background check prior to Board service eligibility.
  • Please refer to the SRNA Bylaws Article VII for more information and to review the Board Member duties (Section 6).
  • Only confirmed members who are current with annual dues will be eligible to hold an elected position and/ or vote.

See our current listing of Directors here.

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