Board of Directors

The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association (SRNA) represents the residents and businesses in the “Land between the Lakes”.

The Association is led by a Board of Directors that meet at least monthly – see schedule.

SRNA Board of Directors:

Brian Thompto


    H Lobdell

    Vice Chairman

      Loree LeBoeuf


        Yasmeen Siddiqui


          Brian Clifton

          Board Member

            William Farrell

            Board Member

              Rick Rivera

              Board Member

                David Sandal

                Board Member

                  Erhard Sudermann

                  Board Member

                    David Thate

                    Board Member

                      Former Active Directors – Thank you for your service!

                      Paul O’Brien (2012)
                      Richard Piotrowski (2012-2013)
                      Cindy Thompson (2012-2013)
                      Greg Milligan (2012-2013)
                      Scott Nuessner (2013)
                      Daniel Hodges (2012-2014)

                      We would also like to thank the individuals that assisted in founding the SRNA: Founders.

                      Questions for the Board? : Contact us : contact form.

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