About SRNA

Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association (SRNA) is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization serving out community and supported by community contributions.

SRNA is dedicated to the serving the interests of the greater Steiner Ranch community including the entire “Land Between the Lakes”. See our boundaries.

SRNA serves our broader community which includes multiple HOA’s and business parks. SRNA is independent from the Steiner Ranch HOA/SRROA/SRMA and developers, serving the greater good.

SRNA has been a constant advocate and voice for our community since 2012. We are here to serve you and ensure that our area’s needs are taken seriously. The challenges facing our community are many and SRNA is here to listen and help us act together to make a difference. 

Since 2012, SRNA has tackled big issues. With your participation and help we can do even more. How can you help make our community stronger?

  1. Join SRNA to show your support for our community. Your member donation keeps us running so join now!
  2. Speak up with your concerns: Attend a monthly Board Meeting and/or contact the chairman.
  3. Help us do more by getting involved. If we work together we can do just about anything. If there are issues you are passionate about, lets work together to make a difference. Join with others to address our challenges together and strengthen our community by working with SRNA to take action or form a committee.
  4. Help lead us forward by joining the SRNA Board – we need leaders who want to make a difference and take Board nominations annually and when vacancies arise.

Since 2012 – SRNA has been a Voice for our Community:

    • SRNA has taken the lead on major traffic fixes for RM620, FM2222 and right here in Steiner Ranch. We have been working with TXDOT, State, County and City officials since 2012 to ensure we get the improvements out area so critically needs.
    • SRNA has successfully advocated for safety fixes including new emergency egress from Steiner Ranch, RM620 road improvements in the long term that include divided medians, safety mitigations on our roadways including visual barriers on tumbleweed hill and others.
    • SRNA has worked with developers to look for win-win alternatives and mitigations to ease the impacts of new development.
    • SRNA was a major partner working with HURF to challenge Austin Energy for fair rates and drive PUC petition and lowered energy rates.

Join SRNA Today – click here.

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