RM620 Next Steps – Response from TXDOT

March 26, 2018

Good afternoon Brian,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding the RM 620 Corridor from SH 71 to US 183. I assure you that we equally share your concerns for safety, traffic congestion, and understand the importance of developing and funding improvements on RM 620 in both Travis and Williamson Counties. To that end, I would like to update you on the current status of improvements on RM 620 and time frames for project development.

Corridor Wide:

Feasibility Study

· From SH 71 to US 183
· Estimated construction costs $160M-$180M
· Analyzed a variety of short, mid, and long term options to address traffic congestion through 2035
· Provided recommendation for the option to move forward to the next stage of project development
· Identified the southern segment as the priority segment
· Study completed in 2017

Schematic/Environmental Development

· From SH 71 to the Colorado River (Southern Segment)
· Estimated construction costs $80M (no construction funding identified)
· Scope includes going from a 4-lane flush median divided to a 6-lane raised median divided
· Schematic and environmental clearance anticipated Summer 2020

PS&E Development & Construction Funding (Partnership with City of Bee Caves, City of Lakeway, CAMPO)

· Divided the Southern Segment into two smaller, fundable projects and submitted January 2018 to CAMPO under the Call for Projects to secure construction funding
· Segment 1 – From SH 71 to Cavalier Dr.; estimated construction costs $18M
· Segment 2 – From Cavalier Dr. to Oak Grove Blvd.; estimated construction costs $41M
· Both City of Bee Caves and City of Lakeway each pledged $5M for the project
· CAMPO Transportation Policy Board will approve selected projects in May 2018
· Projects ARE NOT in TIP since there is no authorization for construction funding yet
· Once schematic and environmental clearance is obtained, then PS&E will kick-off with a target letting date of fiscal year 2022

Specific Projects:

RM 2222/RM 620 Improvements divided into two separate projects (Partnership with City of Austin, CAMPO)
· Project 1

o RM 2222 – From Bonaventure Dr. to Ribelin Ranch Rd.
o Reconstruct 4-lane roadway to 6-lane divided
o Estimated construction costs $13M (funded)
o Letting July 2018

· Project 2

o RM 2222 – From RM 620 to Bonaventure Dr.
o Construct new connector road, operational improvements, and restripe RM 620 to add auxiliary lane (right turn lane)
o Estimated construction costs $10M (funded)
o Letting July 2019

Given the strong local support from City of Bee Caves and City of Lakeway for the 6-lane divided southern section and the City of Austin’s funding commitment on the RM 2222/RM 620 intersection, TxDOT, along with CAMPO, have been able to address the funding gaps needed to advance these projects to letting.

As for the northern segment, there have been no strong indications of support or commitments from the local entities as compared to the southern segment, therefore, there are no plans at this time to advance the northern segment beyond the feasibility study. The northern 6-lane divided section is currently estimated at $121 million.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. If you have any questions regarding the proposed projects, please do not hesitate to let me know. We look forward to working with you, City of Bee Caves, City of Lakeway, and City of Austin in implementing these critical projects.

Texas Department of Transportation
Lorena Echeverria de Misi, P.E. | Director of Transportation Planning and Development
Austin District
7901 N. IH 35, Austin, TX 78753