Dear Four Points News, and Residents of the Greater Steiner Ranch

Letter to Lynette Haaland, Publisher/Editor; Four Points News

Dear Four Points News, and Residents of the Greater Steiner Ranch area:

Steiner Ranch and its neighbors face many challenges that will determine our quality of life and property values. These include developments planned near RM 620 and Quinlan Park Road which may result in as many as 1000 new residential units and new commercial spaces with unassessed impacts to traffic, schools, safety and security. This past year, our community faced fires, a three hour evacuation, threats from Austin Energy to raise rates disproportionately for our residents, and notification of development only weeks before the planned ground-breaking of a 300 unit apartment complex.

These and other challenges provide common cause not only for Steiner Ranch, but also for the surrounding neighborhoods in our community. We can take an active stance in addressing these challenges by keeping notified of development, assessing impacts, and exploring avenues for shaping our future.

In recent months, a growing group of residents in and around Steiner Ranch have been planning the formation of the Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association (SRNA), to include all of Steiner Ranch and surrounding areas in the “Land between the Lakes”. The SRNA will allow us to proactively shape our future by voicing our concerns and ideas for meeting our shared challenges; challenges which exceed both the boundaries and scope of any single stakeholder or HOA within our area. We are a large and engaged community and if we speak with a united voice, we will be heard.

The SRNA will be open to all residents and businesses within its boundaries. It will serve as a vehicle for giving members a collective and recognized voice in dealing with other interests, such as developers, and governmental entities. It is already being notified of all development within our area giving us a chance to record our opinions and take action to shape our future. There are many such Neighborhood Associations throughout greater Austin, making a difference in their communities.

Within the coming weeks, we will open up enrollment for new members to support and join the SRNA. We will conduct our first General Meeting at which we will invite members to nominate officers for its board, and to volunteer for serving on issue oriented committees. No matter where you live within our neighborhood, and whether you have lived here for 10 years or 10 weeks, we hope you will join the SRNA and help in making a difference.

The following areas have been identified as a focus of the organization:

  1. Safety & Security in and around Steiner Ranch: Working directly with local authorities to evaluate, report, and improve the safety in our area in all aspects.
  2. A Voice of the People, by the People: Ensure the people represented by the SRNA are heard in decisions being made that affect our schools, neighborhood, and community in order to protect the interests of those who live and do business here.
  3. Smart growth, not just for profit: Work with the City of Austin, Travis County and those seeking to develop and build in our community in order to make sure we look at the overall well being of the neighborhood.

Our goal will be to foster one community, with one voice, and to put our community above all else.
Please watch our website and the “Steiner Ranch Post” Facebook page for notice of our First General Meeting at which all residents and businesses in our community are welcome.

Best regards,

Brian Thompto, Temporary Chairperson
Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association