Meeting Agenda – March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 7pm, Steiner Ranch Elementary School

New members are welcome and encouraged to attend and can register at the meeting. We will introduce the newly elected SRNA Board of Directors, introduce newly forming committees and will focus on honing immediate priorities for the SRNA. Board identified priorities will be presented to the membership with an opportunity for member input. Members may also sign up for committee involvement at the meeting.

Members please RSVP for the meeting here.

If you would like to propose any changes or additions to the agenda please Contact the Chair.

Meeting Agenda, revised 3/24 (subject to change):

1. Board Member Introductions / Assigned Positions
2. Committee Introductions
3. Operations
4. Board Identified Priorities:

    Fire / Safety
    Annexation / Public Services

5. Member Input on Priorities
6. Meeting Schedule
7. Public Input