March 2012 Developer Update

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The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association development committee was given an update from Taylor Morrison representative Adib Khoury at a meeting on March 29th. At the development update we learned that there are about 900 new residential units total, with 800 new residential units planned or being considered for the Quinlan Park Rd. / Steiner Ranch Blvd. corridor near the entrance to Steiner Ranch. The SRNA is very concerned about the potential impacts that these proposed 800 new residential units would have for residents and businesses in the area if developed as currently projected. The needs of the community are paramount to the consideration of new development and it will be critical to understand the impacts to traffic, schools, security and the aesthetics of our community before newly proposed projects proceed. Residents are encouraged to join the association now to support the development committee and help protect the investments of many thousands of residents and owners in the area.

Specifics from the meeting: additional apartments are still planned for one of three lots in the MU 1b tract – located between the Welcome Center, Randalls and Canyon Glen neighborhood was still moving forward with a bump up since we last heard to 246 (from 225) planned units. Due to the location of this property with access essentially through the current parking lot servicing businesses at Vista Ridge and the welcome center, and a second access through Canyon Glen, the developer indicated that a traffic study was planned. The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association will work with the developer in support of this and expects such a study to assess the impact on traffic on Steiner Ranch Blvd. and Quinlan Park Rd. The concerns of the residents of Canyon Glen, and the needs of the community are paramount to the consideration of new development. The developer anticipates the traffic study will show that an additional light would be required at the welcome center to allow traffic flow to/from the apartments. They also hope that Canyon Glen residents might utilize the additional access as an alternate exit vs. apartment residents utilizing access through Canyon Glen – but none of this is really understood yet. For example, what this will mean to businesses at Vista Ridge and how will the business traffic during busy times into this traffic as it would all now funnel through the same point as apartment access; issues such as this may prove to undermine any assumptions about the traffic access patterns through the Canyon Glen access point to the apartments. There are many variables to consider here when looking at the net impact the proposed apartments might bring to traffic, and security. The SRNA will be reaching out to Travis county and area residents and businesses to understand and communicate possible impacts and residents concerned about this development should register as SRNA members.

We also learned that at the MU 14 tract, which is across Quinlan from Randall’s – the storage facility remains a dead deal and the developer is starting to consider other options such as developing the tract itself; e.g. one option they are looking at would include 180 duplex residential units. A portion of this site is in Austin limited boundary (along 620) and must be re-zoned to allow for apartments – currently zoned to not allow residential. Traffic access to this site is a big question since residents of this tract would likely want to be able to turn S. on Quinlan (e.g. to access schools, etc) and this lot would not easily allow for this w/o changes to the roadway, so another traffic study may be likely required for this property as well per the developer.

In total, the mixed use properties identified at the meeting would yield a total of about 800 additional units including the Greystone apartments and the potential 180 duplexes which are possible for MU 14. The SRNA is deeply concerned about the impact this growth will have on traffic and safety along the Quinlan Park Rd. / Steiner Ranch Blvd. corridor. The SRNA is reaching out to LISD as part of an effort to identify the aggregate impact on school crowding in addition to assessing impacts on traffic, etc from the newly proposed development.

Residents are encouraged to join the association for only $50 for the year, only about $4 per month for a household, to support the committee and keep informed about the latest development information.

Click here to see a table with a listing of development by tract.