TXDOT meeting Summary – June, 2012

Date:                June 18, 2012

Participants:     Paul Workman, State Representative, District 47

Carlos Lopez, TxDOT

John Wagner, TxDOT

Sarah Matz, TxDOT

Gary Schatz, City of Austin

David Greear, Travis County

Brain Thompto, Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association

Cindy Thompson, Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association

Greg Milligan, Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association

Subject:           620/2222 Corridor Review


(1)       The current CAMPO 2035 Plan does not provide any “big fix” improvements for 620.

(2)       The current plan is to improve the functionality and efficiency of current infrastructure through the use of a consulting study of every intersection on 620 from Hwy 71 to Hwy 183.

(3)       Given this lack of a “big fix,” the parties are interested in smaller ways to cost-effectively improve safety and mobility in the corridor.


Current Projects:

(1)       620/2222 – Double right turn from 620 onto 2222; will increase storage distance to 1,200 feet and allow for 50 vehicles to queue vs. 10 vehicles currently.  Also, additional striping on Bullick Hollow to improve efficiency of the intersection. (Project to be let in December 2012; fully funded)

(2)       2222/McNeil – Double left from 2222 onto McNeil (Project scheduled for letting in April 2014; funding identified, but required ROW acquisition from 3M)


Action Items:

(1)       City of Austin to study and look to improve traffic signal at 2222 and River Place given current “cut through” traffic on River Place from 620 onto 2222, which currently significantly backs up 2222.

(2)       Travis County to study and prepare conceptual engineering drawings for variations of the Comanche Trail Extension connecting to the existing Steiner Ranch Boulevard.

(3)       TxDOT to consider plans to use current shoulder on 620 between Steiner Ranch Road and 2222 (or at least farther back on 620 from 2222 that the current double right turn project contemplates) as another lane of vehicular traffic.  To accommodate bicycle traffic, a new, smaller and shallower shoulder could be poured.

(4)       TxDOT to consider plans to add an acceleration lane onto 620 from Steiner Ranch Boulevard.

(5)       TxDOT to consider plans to add toll overpasses on 620 at Anderson Mill and 2222.

(6)       TxDOT to ask its “620 intersection consultant” to add a review of 2222/River Place to his scope of work.

(7)            TxDOT to revisit striping on 2222 approach West bound to 620 to see if double left dedicated queuing can be extended.

(8)       TxDOT to identify and secure planning money to conduct a corridor study, so that when funds become available with a short window, there are fully planned projects on the shelf that can be implemented.

(9)       Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association to meet with Taylor Morrison re: moving Steiner Ranch Boulevard behind MU #15 and putting in a traffic light there, which is farther away from the existing light at Comanche Trail.