HURF Petition Canvassing

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Information for HURF Petition Canvassers in the Steiner Ranch area.

For General Petition Information: Download the petition, how to sign, etc, click here.

Where should I canvass?

Please sign up at the following link for which neighborhood(s) you will canvass. Even if you canvas your own neighborhood, please take the time to register here so we can avoid duplicated effort – you need only enter your name and email (email will not be visible to the public).

Before you pick an area(s) please take a look at the number of homes in each neighborhood since some neighborhoods are small and you may want to do more than one, while for others you may want to recruit a friend or two to help out: SRNA Neighborhood Sizes.

When to canvass:

The best time to canvass is between 4:30pm and 8:00pm, especially on Sunday.

How to canvass:

  1. Print out the petition form (make sure you have enough for the neighborhood you will cover),
    or pick up some hard copies from “Cups and Cones”.
  2. Print out a copy of some supporting materialthat you can use to help answer any questions. Recommended:
  3. Go get signatures! – only one signature per Austin Energy household/bill.
  4. Make sure that all columns are filled in including:
    a. Date of the signature – when did you have the person sign?
    b. Printed name – must be printed by the person signing.
    c. Signature – the person must PRINT and SIGN themselves. You can help by filling out all of the other information.
    d. Street address, City, and Zip code – where they receive their Austin Energy bill
    e. Home Phone number – required
    f. FAX number – we realize that most people don’t have fax numbers. But we are required to ask for it. If they don’t have one, it is not a problem.We want the email address so we can follow-up with the person in case of a problem with the petition. We will not provide the email address to the PUC or Austin Energy.
  5. Questions or concerns about signing? You may want to point out that this petition will enable the PUC to review the rate plans from Austin Energy in light of concerns from out of city customers.
  6. Make sure to keep track of which streets you have visited in case you are unable to complete an entire neighborhood so you or someone else can resume at a later time.
  7. Once you are done for the day, you can drop off your signatures at “Cups and Cones” in the petition drop box, and pick up new/blank forms if needed.

Recruiting friends and neighbors to tackle a neighborhood together – this will speed up the canvassing process.
Once you are done with a neighborhood – consider doing another if you can.

Link to General HURF petition information for Steiner Ranch.

Thank you for volunteering!

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