3/28/12 Member Meeting Minutes

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44 attendees at meeting start; Brian calls meeting to order – 7:08

Agenda Review

  • intro of board members
  • what we’ve done
  • what we need to do
  • general comments

everyone who has volunteered stand up – round of applause – Thank You


  • Brian Thompto – SRNA Chair, about 4 years in Steiner, Association Founder
  • Paul O’Brien – Communications Officer, about 1.5 years in Steiner, builds startups, Association Founder
  • Brian Clifton – helped form assoc, canyon glen, about 6 years in Steiner, Association Founder
  • David Sandal – Secretary  – Entrepreneur working with nonprofits, about 4 years in Steiner, 20 in Austin, Association Founder
  • Cindy Thompson – about 4 years, in Austin since ‘98
  • Richard Piotrowski – Treasurer – about 6 years in Steiner, Association Founder
  • Rick Rivera – Montview Acres – about 10 years in Steiner area
  • H. Lobdell – Vice Chair, about 1 year in Steiner, lives in The Bluffs
  • Daniel Hodges – about 5 years in Steiner, a Texas banker for 31 years, the last 9 years at Regions.

Board Officers:

  • Chairman: Brian Thompto
  • Vice Chairman: H Lobdell
  • Secretary: David Sandal
  • Treasurer: Richard Piotrowski
  • Communications Officer: Paul O’Brien
  • Officers At Large
    • Brian Clifton
    • Daniel Hodges
    • Rick Rivera
    • Cindy Thompson

7:14 – Paul, Rick R. – move and 2nd to approve officers of the board

Vote approved unanimously

Committee introductions:

  • Membership – chair: Paul O’Brien
    • Membership
    • Communications
    • Event planning
  • Operations – chair: Richard Piotrowski
    • Finance, audit, tax
    • Insurance
    • Professional services
  • Advisory – chair:  Erhard Sudermann
    • Represent significant segments of SRNA not represented on the Board
    • –Individual neighborhoods outside Steiner Ranch & businesses
  • Community Liaison – chair: Rick Rivera
    • Engage with the community including community organizations
    • HOA’s, LISD, Four Points area, etc.
  • Public Safety – chair: H Lobdell
    • Work with community and government to enhance safety and security
    • –Fire prevention and evacuation, traffic, safety & security
  • Public Services – chair: Brian Clifton
    • Assess public services and the dynamics that have an impact on our community
    • Annexation, ESD #6, WCID #17, Austin Energy
  • Development – chair: Cindy Thompson
    • Assess development and proactively engage developers for smart/compatible growth in our area
    • –Assess newly proposed development
    • –Corroboration with ongoing / existing developers & businesses
    • –Engage with the City and County

7:18 – Rick R, Paul – motion, 2nd to join Austin Neighborhood Council




Development report

Cindy – Current and future plans of developer

Development Committee Focus:
Future Development

–Current Activity:

• 298 Apartment Units (Greystone) Committed  between Monterone and the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

• 225 Apartment Units under a Stage 1 Contract behind Randalls and Welcome Center.  Access through Canyon Glen.

• At least 4 Mixed Use areas remain, 1 requesting rezoning to allow apartments; others planned for residential

–Stay informed: with Developers (tomorrow), City, County

–Assess impacts on  traffic, security, school crowding, property values, etc. with developers and government agencies

–Represent community concerns to developers and decision makers

Working on restaurants and businesses – rent at Quinlan Crossing is expensive


Q (Natasha C) – are there zoning changes taking place in Steiner?

A (Brian) – there was a request to rezone one area.  Seems to be an indicator that they wish to make some changes.  Location looks like Mixed Use 14 (across from Randalls)
Want to recognize Natasha and firewise committee – carrying the torch (actually the hose)


Fire/Safety report



Public Safety Committee Focus:

–Egress from Steiner Ranch

–Determine where we can support Firewise Communities efforts

–Analysis of Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) to see where we can contribute

–Support Development Committee with Traffic congestion analysis

One proposal has been floated about an alternative egress route.

Many activities will be in conjunction with HOA

HOA is very excited about having a partner organization to work together on safety.


Public Services report

Brian C.


Public Services Committee Focus:

• Annexation Assessment



• Austin Energy

–Rate changes eminent

–Support HURF – out of town rate-payers

• Other Dynamics

–Lake Travis Fire – ESD #6

–WCID #17


Potential annexation – what would it mean – is there an opportunity to incorporate?

Austin Energy – unfair rate increase – working with AE rate protest – taxation without representation

– other orgs are behind this as well

– 5 tier rate program is under consideration (would be only one in TX)

want to maintain ESD and Water services


Q – do we know when bond with MUD will be paid off

A – David – Commissioner Eckhardt thought it was around 2020


Member input

Q – unfair rate increase proposal – what was it and how does it compare to others?

A – Brian C. – why did I use those words?  Austin energy was stating a 12% raise but calculations based on residency, type of business, etc. it would have been 24% or more.  Some schools were looking at an 80% increase.


Rick R – what is strategy for board to get people from quinlan park and other areas that don’t have representation

Paul – wasn’t brought up as a priority for top 3 issues.  It’s probably the 4th critical issue.  NA is involved in questions like annexations and rate increases to support the residents.  Objective of membership committee is to reach out to them.  Will work with local media and continue to get the word out.  We need creative ideas to walk neighborhoods and shake hands.  We’ve now about 150 homes and would like to be up to 1000.


Q – re: annexation – any info on lake travis and Austin fire merging.  Point of no return if these assets are combined even if annexation is delayed.

A – Brian C – at the commissioner / higher-levels in emergency services there doesn’t appear to be a plan for a merge to happen.  The message that we had heard seems to have been done at various levels of firefighters or staff expressing there own desires.  Lots of research to be done to see if this is the right move to make.  Goal of association is to be more proactive and avoid situations like brushy creek where they were annexed and left with a MUD tax.


Q – john barnock – at the end of Quinlan park road for almost 27 years.  Have seen every change taking place here.  We are not a part of steiner ranch proper but we are a part of this neighborhood.  Wonderful friends and very well accepted here.  This area means the world to me.  I will do what I can with that neighborhood to work together.  We refer to ourselves as the “riff raff” at the end of the road


Q – Natasha C – need to look at what we’re going to do if there’s a fire before the long term solution is in place (several years).  Have crunched data for Steiner Ranch proper but need input from Caslano and lower Quinlan Road.  Staged Evac or other options that can be safe places during a fire.  We don’t have to get everyone out of the neighborhood.

A – Daniel – sits on Austin chamber committee – lots of concern about 620/2222 – wants to do some exploring about what’s happening at TexDOT level.  Car count data.


Q – alternative evacuation options – evac’d and lost house in last neighborhood.  Looking at XMAS lights we walked from Steiner to River Place.  Has now been blockaded.


Q – in River Place there is a fireroad. Why don’t we have a fire escape in this neighborhood.  Adding more residents is going to multiply the issue.

A – H. – initial effort was looking at going through Erhardts neighborhood on to 620.  That is a big priority.

A – Brian T – everyone wants to look at that.  First step is to get a group focused on it.


Q – one thing a committee could work on is a light at steiner and 620.  Only going to be exacerbated with new apartments.  HOA looked at it years ago and was told no and hasn’t looked again.  In other areas the developers have paid for things like this.  Concession for putting in additional apts.


Q – can TexDOT numbers be used to prevent apartments from coming in?

A – lots of traffic data we need to look at.


Q – did sheriff help with getting lights on Quinlan?


Q – is there any way to tie a traffic study to all this potential development? The man from Taylor said it was approved 11 years ago and this is what is going to be.  Can we bring pressure?  Would be good to get some problems resolved before developer leaves.

A – Brian T – meeting with Taylor Morrison tomorrow.  TM agreed that a traffic study probably needed to be done.  Need to look at the aggregate.

A – Rick – this speaks to membership.  We can say that the NA is against something or has concerns.

Q – a few of us went to every meeting and always had representation.  We looked like a bigger group than we were.  Perception is important.  Started a group in steiner called young at heart.  We have an email list of about 200 people.  Many of us are retired and have some time.  Will continue to promote through this group.


Q – is it feasible to consider an addendum to the ranch record – can we put something in Ranch Record?

A – we can take out an ad or get the info in their.


Q – are we able to put info in the boxes near the mailboxes?

A – HOA let us do it before but not sure about continuing.


Q – there are publications that go out to most residents. 4pt news, ranch record, community impact

A – paul – membership drive really needs folks to pound on doors.   Media has been covering us.  Ranch record will likely need to be paid for.  We also have 100 different groups (community/neighborhoods/clubs) that we’ve been announcing everything.

Q – why aren’t they responding. A survey?


Q – rob carruthers – 10 years – groups that get stuff done are those that have an organized voice.  See actions at city council meetings.  Real opportunity for people in this room to make things happen.  We have in steiner ranch (master association) – 3 open positions – contact scott Selman to volunteer.  Water district 17 board has 2 openings, contact district and get involved.  Lots of taxes because of infrastructure out here.  Almost half revenue comes from Steiner yet only one resident on their board.

A – as we gain traction, we will get to the next level.


Q – don’t know that there are four possible land areas open for development.  No signs means people aren’t aware.

A – as we get the info and the challenges, we will notify our membership.  Notices are for new cases and rezoning.  What we plan to do is get plugged into the system.  Big picture items we hear about.


Q – can randalls help us at all?  Bulletin board, info sheets, etc?  candidate for SRMA board – dottie toms – hope to have support for any of you that live in SRMA.  Have been going to BOD meetings for a while.  You see how important this is that this association succeed.

A – Paul – nothing with Randalls yet but that may change.   Coffee Bean may have a community board.


8:07 – adoption of basic priorities – Brian T, Brian C – motion, 2nd

vote passed.


Board meetings every month – please submit questions or input as you have them.

Membership meetings will be scheduled as needed (at least once a year).


Bylaws stipulate a yearly membership meeting and board to meet at least every other month.


Meeting adjourned – 8:10 Cathy, Paul

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