May 2012 Developer Update

Members of SRNA met with Taylor Morrison representatives on April 30th to discuss the petition currently being circulated as well as other issues related to the development of the remaining mixed use lots in Steiner Ranch. The meeting was successful in opening up a constructive discussion with the developer related to limiting the potential negative impacts of additional residential housing planned within Steiner Ranch. Specific concessions have been offered by Taylor Morrison as captured in a Memorandum of Understanding, shown below, and include progress with respect to the concerns of the Canyon Glen residents, as well as with the proposed re-zoning of MU #14. There are still significant concerns remaining with the aggregate impact of currently planned development, such as impacts to schools, traffic and safety. SRNA is working with Taylor Morrison to identify and establish specific and measurable parameters to address the community’s concerns as development progresses.

Please review the meeting outcomes below (or in PDF format here) in the Memorandum of Understanding for more details.

Post meeting update on MU #14 (Across Quinlan Park Rd. from Randalls )

SRNA is pleased to report that at the May 1st meeting of the City of Austin Zoning and Platting Commission, specific language was added to an ordinance limiting the future development of a portion of the property including prohibiting multifamily construction; this helps ensure that future development within this tract will not exceed the currently proposed site utilization plan by Taylor Morrison. Please click here to learn more.

Memorandum of Understanding with Taylor Morrison, April 30, 2012

The following reflects the content of the meeting with Taylor Morrison representatives (download here):



  • Adib Khoury – Vice President Taylor Morrison
  • Sarah Crocker – Agent for Taylor Morrison
  • Scott Selman – Executive Director, Steiner Ranch Community Associations
  • Brian Thompto – SRNA Chairperson
  • Cindy Thompson – SRNA Board Member and Development Committee Co-Chair
  • Greg Milligan – SRNA Development Committee Co-Chair
  • H Lobdell – SRNA Board Member
  • Daniel Hodges – SRNA Board Member
  • Rick Johnson – SRNA Development Committee
  • Tonya Frederic – SRNA Development Committee

The meeting discussion focused on a recent petition generated by Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association (“SRNA”) with approximately 1,000 signatures gathered thus far.

An agreement was reached to pursue compromises and seek to establish limits on the negative impacts of future residential development on the Steiner Ranch community. The following were the collective set of specific results communicated and agreed to as a result of the discussion:

  • Traffic from MU-14 will be restricted from turning south along Quinlan Park Road. For example, traffic would be expected to exit the subdivision along RM 620 and then re-enter at Steiner Ranch Blvd. in order to access schools, etc.
  • A new turning lane will allow southbound vehicles along Quinlan Park Rd. to turn left into MU-14 without obstructing other traffic flow.
  • 10 acres of the MU-14 parcel is requested for re-zoning to allow residential development. Residential use is already allowed in the remainder of the 84-acre MU-14 parcel; e.g. apartments would be allowed. Taylor Morrison plans to build duplex units as opposed to apartments on MU-14 and is willing to amend the re-zoning ordinance to restrict the development to be consistent with its plans; e.g. limited number of non-apartment units. Language will be agreed upon prior to the re-zoning hearing on the evening of May 1.
  • Steiner Ranch architectural review board will be responsible for the design approval of MU-14 site plan which will be consistent with the current standards of Steiner Ranch. Residents are keenly interested in materials selection and architecture of the proposed site since it will be at the face of the subdivision. Taylor Morrison agrees that any construction near the entrance to Steiner Ranch must be of high quality and not diminish the aesthetics and overall look and feel of the Steiner Ranch community.


  • Many concerns of Canyon Glen neighbors were expressed regarding vehicular access from the currently planned apartments. Mr. Khoury agreed that subject to approval of authorities, the exit into Canyon Glen could be restricted to emergency use only for apartment residents. Further, Mr. Khoury offered that the gate could be electronically controlled to allow for only residents of Canyon Glen to have access – providing an additional exit point and benefit to the Canyon Glen neighborhood.


  • Concerns about the aggregate impact of the approximately 800 residential units currently in plan near the front of Steiner Ranch were discussed. It was agreed that to address concerns over school, traffic, etc., the developer and resident panel would explore setting up some criteria to cap or limit development impacts. For example, it was suggested to set a criteria to limit residential development such that students in residences within the existing Steiner Ranch area will not be required to be bussed out of the area; Mr. Khoury expressed general agreement with pursuing criteria of this nature with the caveat that he could not renegotiate existing contracts. The resident panel will work to develop a set of criteria to include the impacts on both traffic and schools.
  • Concerns were expressed about the future of remaining lots with as of yet undetermined uses specifically as related to residential impacts. Mr. Khoury expressed that the developer would entertain some compromises on remaining tracts.
  • All parties agree that the intersection of RM 620 and Steiner Ranch Blvd. needs improvements, such as signaling, especially in light of additional strain to be placed on the intersection from anticipated additional residential load along Steiner Ranch Blvd. All parties also agree that a pass through from Comanche Trail directly onto Steiner Ranch Blvd, creating a 2nd controlled access point to Steiner, would be ideal.