TxDOT Meeting Summary: RM620 / RM2222 Bypass Design & Construction Update

TxDOT Meeting Summary: RM620 / RM2222 Bypass Design & Construction Update

SRNA invited TxDOT for a meeting on June 25 to get an update and deep-dive on the on-going 620/2222 project (answer your design questions, access to Vandegrift, etc).

TxDOT has tight constraints on contractor:
* Main contractor: Capital Excavation has good track-record with TxDOT.
* Lane closures limited to nights 8pm to 5am other than extraordinary exceptions. Coordinated with Sheriff.
* Rewards and penalties to stay on schedule and not get behind.

Project 1 includes McNeil to River Place Blvd:
* $18M road, $5.7M utility, ROW costs separate (not specified).
* Already bid & under construction.
* Estimated completion October 2020.
* Includes trunk line installation approximately summer 2020 (subject to change). Most disruptive aspect of project (phase 6) – from River Place Blvd to Bullick Hollow : a 7.5′ by 3′ box culvert will be installed down 2222 to move rain water.

Project 2 includes the bypass connector from 2222 to 620:
* $10.2M road, $2.4M utility, ROW costs separate (not specified).
* Goes to bid in summer 2019 and start construction in fall 2019.
* Estimated completion March 2020; Possibly open at that time prior to Project 1 completion to help mitigate interference and traffic disruption during the remainder of Project 1.

Questions and follow ups for TXDOT:

  1. Access to Vandegrift. SRNA asked prior to the meeting about the access provided at McNeil and RM620. This is important to relieve afternoon traffic leaving Vandegrift high school. In particular to ensure that the new intersection can support concurrent 2 lanes turning right out of McNeil while at the same time supporting 2 lanes turning into McNeil from 2222.
  • TXDOT confirmed that the new arrangement will support the concurrent turns since there will be an additional lane heading south on McNeil.
  • TXDOT indicated though that the current signal phases planned for the intersection do not actually allow for this concurrent turning to maximize right turn time onto 2222 when school gets out. TXDOT agreed to follow up on this.
2222 at McNeil – New intersection alignment

2. Signaling Control: how will TXDOT ensure that the new, more complex configuration of traffic lights be managed to account for backups that occur throughout the day in Four Points. For example, this summer we have seen backups on RM620 heading north mid-day and early evening despite no traffic in opposing directions.

  • TXDOT indicated that all signaling is being updated to connect via wireless to the City of Austin Traffic Management Command Center. Today, signaling adjustment is all manual, but once the project is complete signals could be updated remotely.
  • TXDOT agreed to follow up with the City of Austin regarding future support for future dynamic traffic control for Four Points.
  • See for example backups reported to the City of Austin recently:
Backups seen June 2019. These types of backups can be fixed in the short term with manual adjustment. We want to ensure these types of backups can be avoided dynamically with the new traffic signal management system.

3. Satillo Del Rio at 2222: Today this signal backs up traffic on 2222 and is not coordinated with River Place Blvd signal.

  • TXDOT noted the concern and existing circumstance to be addressed with new signaling.

Additional images of the bypass road details:

2222 Project 1 including improvements at River Place Blvd.
2222 Project 2 showing new bypass connection.
2222 with reduced access approaching RM620.
RM620 with new lane heading north starting at Steiner Ranch Blvd.

Also in attendance at the meeting were members of the public and some of the District 47 candidates.