SRNA - Accomplishments

SRNA – Accomplishments

With your support – we can do more. Here is a look at some of our accomplishments since we started in 2012:

  • Major Four Points traffic improvements are now on the table!
    SRNA worked for two years with TXDOT, State and County officials advocating for specific solutions and building support for a new project
  • Raised awareness of Four Points traffic with the City, County, State and the general public through news media coverage & direct engagement with officials
  • Improved morning congestion with traffic signal timings + dual right turns.
    Remember when RM 620 was backed up over Mansfield Dam every day?
  • Safer 2nd exit from Steiner Ranch onto RM 620 – County funding study
  • MU-14 duplexes @ front door of Steiner Ranch have been stalled –
    SRNA seeking a win-win alternative with developer and community
  • Worked with Steiner Ranch developer to ease impacts of new development
  • Partnered with HURF to drive PUC petition and lowered energy rates

Find out more at our Community Meeting – May 28, 7pm @ SRE

SRNA is Your Neighborhood Association

It’s NOT your HOA

SRNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the greater Steiner Ranch community –
independent from the Steiner Ranch HOA/SRROA/SRMA and developers
including everyone between Lake Travis, Lake Austin and the BCCP.

SRNA has been an advocate for our community – ensuring that our area’s needs are taken seriously.


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