Petition for new Access Road to Vandegrift

Four Points Traffic Petition for New Access Road to Vandegrift / Four Points Schools

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Please take the time to put your support behind the initiative to build a new road in the Four Points area providing a second point of access to our neighborhood High School and the Four Points Middle School. The intent of this road is to:
1. Provide a safe additional path for emergency access and egress from the schools in the event of an emergency and
2. Provide an alternative route of access to the schools rather than have high school students continue to use FM 2222 via McNeil for school access.

Read more about the proposal, including the focus on safety and environmental sensitivity from Pam Waggoner’s traffic committee which has been working with LISD at the following web site:

Help spread the word to your friends and neighbors

If you want to take your support a step further, consider contacting the BCCP Coordinating Committee Voting Members to express your support for this proposal:

City of Austin Mayor, Lee Leffingwell

Travis County Commissioner, Gerald Daugherty