January 2013 Development Update

The ‘Development Issues’ page has been updated with the most recent status of development in and around Steiner Ranch, including:

1. Significant news at the end of 2012 was that Travis County TNR agrees with SRNA’s assessment that residential is a bad fit for MU-14 due to poor traffic flow. Also, Taylor Morrison and KLP/Kucera would need a variance to be granted to proceed with the proposed duplexes since the tract only allows for one exit/entrance. SRNA continues to advocate alternatives to residential development on MU-14 including light-traffic commercial, or ownership by government entity and/or taxing district either permanently or until a compatible use can be found.

2. Apartment development has slowed in part due to the pull out of “Greystone” in developing MU-13 – see all the updates to development along with an updated Map.