Austin Energy HURF Petition

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** HURF Energy Petition Update – August 8, 2012
Thank you for all your efforts to help the HURF Energy Petition. With your support and a tremendous final push, HURF was able to blast through the minimum required signatures – turning in a total of about 5000 signatures from suburban Austin households.

The greater Steiner Ranch area played a huge roll in this success. With about 1/3 of our households signing the petition, we delivered the highest participation rate and largest overall number of signatures from any community.

Congratulations on this accomplishment ! A special thanks to all those who put in the extra effort to help collect signatures from your friends and neighbors.

** HURF Energy Petition Update – September 8, 2012
Great News from HURF on the Energy petition!
Great news! Today Austin Energy informed the Public Utility Commission that it will not challenge HURF’s petition to the PUC. Now it is in the hands of the PUC. We’ll keep you posted.

** HURF Energy Petition Update – March 3, 2013
Great news from HURF – who has successfully taken our battle for fair energy rates to the PUC – the tentative agreement with Austin City Council will give us 3 three-tier rate structure out of the city and result in significant savings on Steiner area electric bills by reducing rates and reducing subsides to the city.

Why sign the petition? – Click here to learn more.

Click here to get the Petition, or stop by one of these locations in Steiner Ranch to sign:

  • Cups & Cones
  • Steiner Steakhouse
  • HOA Office
  • PakMail
  • Dr. Waters Orthodontics
  • Wild Basin Fitness
  • AMRIT Cleaners

Once you print your petition and sign it according to the rules below (Phone number is needed) with one to six household signatures, you may return it via one of the following methods:

  1. Completed petitions can be dropped off at Cups & Cones in Steiner Ranch
  2. Fax to: 512-727-9161
  3. Scan and Email to:
  4. Mail to: HURF, 9600 Great Hills Tr., Suite 100E, Austin, TX 78759
  5. You can also return your signed petition with your WCID #17 water bill for those that pay by mail – look for it in your water statement.

The 45 day clock has begun.

We must complete our petition gathering by the end of July with 3000 signatures.

Please forward petition information to all your mailing lists (yahoo, facebook, etc) and ask them to do the same.

Volunteer to Canvass

Please consider canvassing your neighborhood, or another, in or around Steiner Ranch – click here to learn more and see which neighborhoods are yet to be covered.

Petition Rules

1. Only one signature per Austin Energy household – Last name should match a name on the Austin Energy bill.

2. We need this information about the person on the petition form:

a. Date of the signature – when did you have the person sign?

b. Printed name

c. Signature – the person must print and sign his or her own
name. You can help by filing out all of the other information
but the person must provide the signature.

d. Street address, City, and Zip code (Where they receive
their Austin Energy bill)

e. Home Phone number – required

f. FAX number — we realize that most people don’t have
fax numbers. But we are required to ask for it. If they
don’t have one, they don’t have one.

3. We want the email address so we can follow-up with the person, in
case of a problem with the petition. We will not provide
the email address to the PUC or Austin Energy.