Board of Directors

The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association (SRNA) advocates for everyone, including the residents and businesses, in the “Land between the Lakes”.

The Association is led by a Board of Directors that meet at least monthly – see schedule.

SRNA Board of Directors:

Brian Thompto


    H Lobdell

    Vice Chairman

      William Farrell

      Board Member

        Rick Rivera

        Board Member

          Ray Freer

          Board Member

            Tom Henry

            Board Member

              Eustace Isidore

              Board Member

                Former Active Directors – Thank you for your service!

                David Sandal (2012-2017)
                Brian Clifton (2012-2016)
                Erhard Sudermann (2012-2015)
                Daniel Hodges (2012-2014)
                Richard Piotrowski (2012-2013)
                Cindy Thompson (2012-2013)
                Paul O’Brien (2012)
                Scott Nuessner (2013)
                Yasmeen  Siddiqui (2014-2016)
                Loree LeBoeuf (2014-2016)
                David Thate (2014-2015)

                We would also like to thank the individuals that assisted in founding the SRNA: Founders.

                Questions for the Board? : Contact us : contact form.

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