November 12, 2012 Agenda – Board Meeting

Regular meeting of the SRNA Board of Directors.
Bella Mar Community Center, Steiner Ranch

Meeting Agenda (subject to change):

7pm – regular Board Agenda:

1. Member Input
2. Approve Minutes from October 15th meeting
3. Consider Board assignments (Director of Communications, etc.)
4. LISD Demography Readout and Response
5. Development Discussion: MU-14 TNR feedback; alternatives
6. Transportation Discussion: 2222 / 620 – re-engage City, et. al.; Comanche Trail
7. Discuss and consider signing a supporting document in favor of continuing LCRA Emergency Drought Order for 2013.
8. Discuss and consider membership in the Central Texas Water Coalition (
9. General Committee Report/updates
10. Board Member Reports/updates

If you would like to propose any changes or additions to the agenda please email the Chairman.
Link to SRNA Meeting Schedule.