Board Meeting Agenda – June 11, 2012

SRNA Board Meeting
Monday, June 11, 2012, 7pm, Bella Mar Community Center

Regular meeting of the SRNA Board of Directors. Link to SRNA Meeting Schedule.

Meeting Agenda (subject to change):

Meeting Agenda (subject to change):

1.    Member Input
2.    Approve Minutes from May 14 meeting
3.    Issue Oriented Committee Reports & updates
a.    Services
i.    Energy / Hurf Petition Campaign
ii.    ESD 6 update
b.    Development
c.    Safety
i.    Traffic update
ii.    Fire prep. update
d.    Annexation
4.    General Committee Reports & updates
a.    Membership
b.    Operations
c.    Community
d.    Advisory
5.    Board Member Reports/updates

If you would like to propose any changes or additions to the agenda please email the Chairman.